A newsletter source for hip hop.

Franklins locate and select the best of hip hop and write about them. There's a lot of hip hop being published every day. Franklins will attempt to collect the tracks of highest quality as often as possible.

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A collection of hip hop

Franklins locates and selects four links of hip hop every Friday. There's a lot of hip hop being published every day. Franklins attempts to collect the four tracks of highest quality every week.

Through a lot of browsing, searching and filtering, Franklins will locate new music for you. The purpose for the site is that it could be useful for people who don't have the time to browse all that but still get the four best links every Friday.

The name 'Franklins' refers to the $100 bill with Benjamin Franklins face. 'Franklins', and even more so, 'Benjamins', is a common lingo in hip hop to refer to money. Well, time is money, and Franklins is here to save you time by locating the best of hip hop.


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